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31 August 2012

Evergreen love song as hum tere bin kahin rah nahin pate is acted by Sanjoy Dutta and Puja Bhatt

Evergreen love song as hum tere bin kahin rah nahin pate is acted by Sanjoy Dutta and Puja Bhatt.This song is sung by Anuradha Paudwal and Manhar Udhas.Hum tere bin kahin rah nahin pate is taken from the box office hit movie Sadak.The movie Sadak was released in 1991.One of the highest grossing movie Sadak was Directed by Bollywood showman Mahesh Bhatt and written by Robin Bhatt.Beautiful words of songs arranged by Sameer,Surender Saathi and Rani Malik and music composed by Nadeem-Shravan.
The movie Sadak was acted by Sanjay Dutt as Ravi,Pooja Bhatt as Pooja,Deepak Tijori as Gotya,Sadashiv Amrapurkar as Maharani,Neelima Azeem as Shalu,Avtar Gill as Salim Bhai,Pankaj Dheer as Police Inspector Irani,Gavin Packard as Maharani's Henchman,Mushtaq Khan as Pimp,Javed Khan as Hotel Waiter,Soni Razdan as Ravi's Sister and others.
Enjoy the super hit love song of my school days  as hum tere bin kahin rah nahin pate which is dedicated to my love Husband (Main Uddin) who sung the song every time when we met each time in those days of romance.

Story of the movie Sadak:-

The excellent portrayal of the eunuch, Maharani (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), an evil madam running a brothel that employs many girls like Pooja (Pooja Bhatt) and Chanda (Neelima Azeem). Ravi (Sanjay Dutt), a taxi driver, meets Pooja before she is bought by Maharani, and his friend Gotya (Deepak Tijori) is in love with Chanda. The story shows how Ravi, whose own sister committed suicide after being forced to become a prostitute, and Pooja, a current prostitute, come together. The title Sadak is Urdu for Road and signifies the place where the poor Ravi and Gotya live.A young man falls in love with a young prostitute, and must overcome the social stigma, as well as face her pimps and criminal elements and finally they succeed in their love.

Trivia of Sadak:-

Sadashiv Amrapurkar won Filmfare Award for Best Villain.The film borrows several elements from Martin Scorsese's 1976 classicTaxi Driver. Sanjay Dutt (Sanju Baba) always excelled in Bhatt films, be it NAAM, KABZAA or KARTOOS or even GUMRAH Here too he excels in his part and conveys the emotions perfectly Pooja Bhatt is good too Deepak Tijori is able Sadashiv excels as the chakka and provides a diff kinda villain Avtar Gill is likable, rest lend good support.No doubt this movie till is a attractive and eye catching for lovers.

26 August 2012

Pran acted evergreen song as Kasme waade pyar wafa sab baate hai from Upkaar by Manna Dey

Pran acted evergreen song as Kasme waade pyar wafa sab baate hai from Upkaar by Manna Dey.
The movie Upkaar was released in 1967 which was written and directed by famous " Bharat Kumar " marked Manoj Kumar.Mr Bharat Kumar has become a brand of patriotism & fearless courage with this film.It is heard that Late Prime Lal Bahadur Shastri praised his earlier film Shaheed and enthused Manoj Kumar to make a film on the Jai Jawaan Jai Kissan (hail the soldier, hail the peasant) slogan and the movie Upkaar made Manoj an authority on screen patriotism.
Upkaar was produced by R.N. Goswami and Harkishen R. Mirchandani.Patriotic lyrics were written by Qamar Jalalabadi, Indivar,Gulshan Bawra and Prem Dhawan and music composed by Anandji Veerji Shah and Kalyanji Veerji Shah (Kalyanji-Anadji).Heart touching songs were sung by Manna dey,Mukesh,Mohd Rafi,Asha Bhosle ,Mahendra Kapoor and Lata Mangeskar.Upkaar was started by Manoj Kumar,Pran,Asha Parekh,Prem Chopra,Madan Puri,Aruna Irani and others.

Story of the movie Upkaar:-

Manoj Kumar played a village man 'Bharat', who sacrifices everything to get his brother educated. His brother (Prem Chopra) goes abroad and comes back a selfish man wanting his share of the property. But when war of 1965 between India and Pakistan breaks out, Bharat is off to the war; while his selfish brother, with the help of his greedy uncle ,Charandas(Madan Puri) and some partners, tries to gain profit by selling drugs and blackmarketering in the market. In the end, Bharat returns as a war hero defeating the demon designs of the enemy and his brother repents as he is caught by the police (by the brother-in-law of Bharat). Hence, he vows to be a good & hardworking brother just like his Indo-Pak war veteran brother Bharat.The movie also stars Asha Parekh as a doctor promoting family planning, Kamini Kaushal and Pran in his first positive character role.

Trivia to the movie Upkaar:-

The film won the top spot at the box office in 1967. Madan Puri played the main villain with ease, full ability and command. This is one of his best films. Audience has not seen such a villain till date. The film won several major awards such as Filmfare Best Movie Award(Manoj Kumar),Filmfare Best Director Award(Manoj Kumar),Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award(Pran),Filmfare Best Story Award(Manoj Kumar),Filmfare Best Dialogue Award(Manoj Kumar),Filmfare Best Lyricist Award(Gulshan Bawra for the song "Mere Desh Ki Dharti"),Filmfare Nomination for Best Actor(Manoj Kumar),Filmfare Nomination for Best Music(Kalyanji Anandji),Filmfare Nomination for Best Male Playback Singer(Mahendra Kapoor for the song "Mere Desh Ki Dharti"),National Film Award for Second Best Feature Film(Manoj Kumar),National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer(Mahendra Kapoor for the song "Mere Desh Ki Dharti"),BFJA Award for Best Dialogue [(Hindi)--Manoj Kumar].The character that became immortal with this movie is Malang Chacha who gave a pleasant turn to the career of the most hated villain of Bollywood, Pran. Pran has performed the role of the handicapped, carefree and outspoken Malang Chacha so well that you can never forget him after watching this movie. The song - Kasme Vaade Pyar Wafa has been picturized on him only. [source Wikipedia]

Morality of the Song:-

Hoga masiha ... Hoga masiha saamne tere,
Phir bhi na tu bach paayega
Tera apnaâ Tera apna khoon hi aakhir tujhko aag lagaayega
Aasmaan mein ... Aasmaan me udne waale mitti mein mil jaayega
Sukh mein tere ... Sukh mein tere saath chalenge,
Dukh mein sab mukh modenge
Duniya waale ... Duniya waale tere bankar tera hi dil todenge
Dete hain ... Dete hain bhagwaan ko dhokha,Insaan ko kya chhodenge


Upkaar is sheer entertainment wrapped in patriotism. Still the movie is highly admirable and despite the change in times, relevant even today in several ways. The family bonds, the importance of the ancestral property, the love for the motherland, the sentiment of sacrifice etc. have not got outdated with time. It still appeals and should not be missed by the people interested in watching golden oldies. It has a great repeat value and the first time watcher will definitely like to watch it again.

19 August 2012

Evergreen Bollywood Eid Song as Eid Ke Din Gale Mil Le Raja from Teesri Aankh

Holy Ramadan kareem Eid-Ul Fitr has come and this teaches the brotherhood among the people.This is one of the evergreen Eid song has made from the Bollywood.Eid Ke Din Gale Mil Le Raja has taken from the movie Teesri Aankh which was released in 1982.The movie Teesri Aankh was Subodh Mukherjee, produced by Shubir Mukherjee and story written by A. K. Narayan. Evergreen lyrics (words) of brotherhood and humanity written by Anand Bakshi and music composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.Eid Ke Din Gale Mil Le Raja sung by Muhammad Rafi, Manna Dey, Anuradha Poduwal and Krishna Mukherjee and lips arranged by Dharmendra , Zeenat Aman,Shatrughan Sinha , Neetu Singh,Kadar Khan and others.
Just enjoy the festival of brotherhood,equality and humanity via evergreen Bollywood track Eid Ke Din Gale Mil Le Raja by Muhammad Rafi, Manna Dey, Anuradha Poduwal and Krishna Mukherjee with Dharmendra , Zeenat Aman,Shatrughan Sinha , Neetu Singh,Kadar Khan and others .

Evergreen Bollywood Eid Song as Eid Ke Din Gale Mil Le Raja from Teesri Aankh

Special coverage of Eid-Ul Fitr:-

Eid-ul-Fitr (Eid al-Fitr or Id-ul-Fitr, or Id al-Fitr derived from Arabic: ‎عيد الفطر ), simply says as Eid, which is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of holy Ramadan, the of fasting (sawm). The religious Eid is a single day and nobody is permitted to fast that day, but it is usually celebrated for 3 days. Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity", while Fiṭr means "breaking the fast". The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal. This is a day where Muslims around the world try to show a common goal of unity.Eid al-Fitr has a particular salat (Islamic prayer) consisting of two raka'ah (units) and generally offered in an open field or large hall.It may only be performed in congregation (Jama’at) and has an additional extra six Takbirs {raising of the hands to the ears while saying "Allahu Akbar" [God is Great]}, three of them in the beginning of the first raka'ah and three of them just before ruku' in the second raka'ah in the Hanafi school. This Eid al-Fitr salat is, depending on which juristic opinion is followed, Fard (obligatory), Mustahabb (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory) or mandoob (preferable).Muslims believe that they are commanded by God, as mentioned in the Qur'an, to continue their fast until the last day of Ramadan and pay the Zakat and fitra before doing the Eid prayer. Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. This has to do with the communal aspects of the fast, which expresses many of the basic values of the Muslim community.[Data source:Wikipedia]

Message to all friends:-

Eid-Ul Fitr celebration is another form of brotherhood,equality and Humanity .So an appeal to all friends ,kindly spread the message of Eid Ul Fitr among the communities such can help to build peace and harmony.

14 August 2012

Top Most Evergreen Indian Patriotic Song Is Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo Made From The Bollywood

One of my American Friend who is a non residential Indian has asked me on the eve of Independence Day that which one is the top most Indian patriotic song is made from the Bollywood.The question is so hard to directly reply because thousands of Indian patriotic songs are made from Bollywood.So I have done a deep digging in Bollywood patriotic songs and found that " Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo " is placed on the top of the list of Indian patriotic made from Bollywood.Salute the Indian Independence Day by the Top Most Evergreen Indian Patriotic Song Is Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo Made From The Bollywood.
" Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo " Hindi patriotic song written by Kavi Pradeep and composed by C. Ramchandra commemorating Indian soldiers who died during the Sino-Indian War.Kavi Pradeep was reportedly moved to compose the song by accounts of casualties of the war, including the last stand of C Company,13 Kumaon Regiment at the First Battle of Rezang La.Our records says that when in 1962 Lata Mangeshkar sang this patriotic song,it moved Pundit Jawarlal Nehru,the Indian Prime Minister,to tears.This song was included and played in the Bollywood Hindi movie Haqeeqat.

Complete Lyrics of Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo:-

aye mere vatan ke logon
tum khoob laga lo naara
ye shubh din hai ham sab ka
lahara lo tiranga pyaara
par mat bhoolo seema par
veeron ne hai praan ganvaaye
kuch yaad unhein bhi kar lo -2
jo laut ke ghar na aaye -2
aye mere vatan ke logon
zara aankh mein bhar lo paani
jo shaheed hue hain unki
zara yaad karo qurbaani
jab ghayal hua himaalay
khatre mein padi aazadi
jab tak thi saans lade vo
phir apni laash bichha di
sangeen pe dhar kar maatha
so gaye amar balidaani
jo shaheed...
jab desh mein thi diwali
vo khel rahe the holi
jab ham baithe the gharon mein
vo jhel rahe the goli
thae dhanya javaan vo aapane
thi dhanya vo unaki javaani
jo shaheed ...
koi sikh koi jaat maraatha
koi gurakha koi madaraasi
sarahad par maranevaala
har veer tha bhaaratavaasi
jo khoon gira parvat par
vo khoon tha hindustaani
jo shaheed...
thi khoon se lath-path kaaya
phir bhi bandook uthaake
das-das ko ek ne maara
phir gir gaye hosh ganva ke
jab ant-samay aaya toh
kah gaye ke ab marate hain
khush rahana desh ke pyaaron
ab ham to safar karate hain
kya log thae vo deewane
kya log the vo abhimaani
jo shaheed...
Joi Hind 

Joi Hind ki Sena

Tribute to Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo:-

All of the artists and technicians involved with the song in each of high performance including singers,musicians,music director, lyricist,recording studio,sound recordist. Lyricist Kavi Pradeep pledged the royalty of the song in perpetuity to the War Widows Fund and he was allowed to do so.

13 August 2012

Evergreen Punjabi love Song By Gurudas Maan as Tu Bhi Reh Gaya Adhoora mein bhi rahegayee adhoori

Evergreen Punjabi love Song By Gurudas Maan as Tu Bhi Reh Gaya Adhoora mein bhi rahegayee adhoori.This evergreen sad song is one of the best Punjabi love song ever made.The specialty of the song is that it is mixed with Hindi words and Punjabi words and any one can understand who knows Hindi.More Interesting thing of this song is that writer,singer,music composer and actor Gurudas Man own self, shortly as bellow -[Close your eyes before listen this song]

Song:- Ki Khateya Teri Heer Banke
Title:- Heer
Singer:- Gurdas Maan
Music:- Gurdas Maan
Author:- Gurdas Maan
Artist:- Gurdas Maan
Music Label:- T-Series

Review of listeners and viewers:-

Who never fall in love or what else , please don't miss the song where it says "You have been left incomplete... so i am,you must be doing this against you will... so i am." If someone has felt the same pain...... this song will make you cry.... listen .carefully n keep your eyes closed.

Short Biography of Gurudas Maan:-

Gurdas Maan is a Punjabi singer, songwriter, choreographer, and actor was born 4 January,1957 in in Giddarbaha village of Punjab,India.He is one of the most notable and respected figures in the world of Punjabi music around the globe.His song were recorded over 34 albums and has written over 300 songs.His album Apna Punjab won Best Album at the 1998 Asian Pop and Media Awards held in Birmingham. Maan won Best Song for the title track and Best International Artist the same year. In addition to these awards, Maan more recently won three music awards of Best Lyrics (Kudiye)Best Song (Heer), as well as Best Singer of the Year at the ETC Channel Punjabi Music Awards on 6 March 2005.(Ravinder). When Maan began his career as a solo performer in India, the music industry was dominated by duet artists and he reportedly declined many offers to become part of a duet as he wished to perform and become a successful solo artist. The film that Gurdas Mann starred in "Mamla Garbar Hai" was directed by Hari Dutt.Maan is married to Manjeet and has one son Gurikk and he was started his professional life as a Employee of Punjab State Electricity Board.