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31 May 2012

The Top Best 5 Evergreen Bollywood tracks sung by The legend S.D.Burman

One of the top legend of Asian Music world is Sachin Dev Burman or Dada Burman,the proud father of another legend Rahul Dev Burman and Father in law of Asha Bhosle.He was not only a music composer but also a classic singer.

Today I am trying to list of The Top Best 5 Evergreen Bollywood tracks sung by The legend S.D.Burman .The songs are given here.You may not be agree with my list but all are the all time hits classic of S.D.Burman.ALL IN ONE HERE

1.Sun mere bandhu re Film-Sujata(1959)
2.Mere sajan hain us paar Film-Bandini(1963)
3.Vahaan kaun hai tera Film-Guide-(1965)
4.Mere duniya hai maa Film-Talash-(1968)
5.Safal hogi tere aradhana Film-Aradhana-(1969)
Tribute to the legend S.D. Burman:-
S.D.Burman,The son of soil,prince of melody was born October 1,1906 as one of the nine children of Prince Komilla of Tripura.His father Nabadwipchandra Dev Burman,was a sitarist and dhrupad singer as well as his first teacher too.Later his training continued with Ustad Badal Khan and Bhishmadev Chattopadhyay,and this classical training gave him a firm rooting for the music that he was to compose later in life.He had explored the forests of Assam and Tripura from where he gained his formidable knowledge and rich repertoire of the folk of that region and Bengal.Later he became a disciple of Ustad Aftabuddin Khan,becoming an ace flautist,He had started his own music school,"Sur Mandir"in Calcutta in the 1930"s.He rose to be a popular singer there.He joined the illustrious K. C. Dey in the Calcutta.He started his musical career in Bengal as a singer of folk and light classical music and also composed music for the radio,which bore prominent traces of East Bengal and north-eastern folk music,music that had inspired him early in life.Dada was disgusted with materialism and the sheer commercial nature of the Mumbai film industry.Volcanic in nature, Dada decided to quit mid"way through Mashaal (1950)and return to Calcutta.Luckily he was persuaded by Dadamoni(Ashok Kumar)to stay on,though Manna Dey completed the assignment and with Burman's"Upar Gagan Vishal"(which established Manna Dey as a singer)from this film,Dada finally arrived.Dada was himself a great singer and has sung many songs in Bengali which were released during the Puja season as well as in Hindi films.Though his singing was limited after he ventured in to composing music full time,his accented voice was used for tunes that required a folk-like rendition.Dada Burman was very choosy in selecting films for scoring music.He never took too many assignments at a time.Likewise,he was very choosy in selecting the singers.It is said that he used to telephone to the singers early in the morning,study their voice indirectly while making conversation and then select.Dada was also very fond of fishing and sports,especially foot ball and tennis.Though he wore only a dhoti and kurta,his creative outlook in music was very modern in the sense that he used to blend Indian classical ragas with Western and make the tune most appealing in melody by his golden touch.He has used the flute very effectively in most of his compositions.His career never flagged till 1974 when he quit signing films from ill health.He is remembered even today,through his great compositions.This great composer attained his heavenly bliss on October 31,1975.

Special Trivia:-
British singer of South Asian heritage,Najma Akhtar,recorded a Shanachie Records CD of Burman's work,"Forbidden Kiss"The Music of S.D. Burman,an album of covers of Burman compositions.The legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was named after the composer by Sachin's grandfather,who was an ardent fan of Burman.

30 May 2012

Evergreen Kishor Kumar in Aane Wala Pal Jaane Wala Hai Acted By Amol Palekar & Bindiya Goswami From Golmaal

Evergreen Kishor Kumar in Aane Wala Pal Jaane Wala Hai Acted By Amol Palekar & Bindiya Goswami From Golmaal.The movie Golmaal was directed by Super Genius Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Written by Sailesh Dey and Sachin Bhowmick and Music composed by Rahul Dev Burman.

Golmaal was acted by Amol Palekar,Bindiya Goswami,Utpal dutta,Amitabh Bachchan and others.Playback singers are Kishor Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar,Hem Lata and others.Golmaal was released in 1979.

Story of the comedy movie Golmaal:-
Ram Prasad (Amol Palekar),a young chartered accountant and his sister Ratna,are orphans living in Bombay.One morning,an old family friend,Dr.Kedar,comes to visit him with information about a very well-paid job being advertised by Bhavani Shankar(Utpal Dutt),the owner of Urmila Trading Corporation,who happens to be Dr.Kedar's personal friend also.Bhavani approves of Ram Prasad Dashrath Prasad Sharma's moustache,oily hair and(short)kurta-pajama,and hires him.Bhavani Shankar is a bit nutty and feels young people should have no interests other than work,so when Ram Prasad wants to watch a hockey test,Ram Prasad tells him that his mother is sick to get leave.Of course, Bhavani goes to the same hockey test and spots Ram Prasad.When confronted at work,Ram Prasad tells him that he has a twin,who is good-for-nothing,who wears loud clothes and is clean-shaven and westernized.Turns out the twin knows music,so to rehabilitate him,Bhavani offers him a job teaching music to his daughter.In a hilarious chase that follows,Bhavani ends up totalling a police jeep.The Senior Inspector (Om Prakash)mistakes him for a thug named Pascal D'Costa & is about to lock him up in the jail.Only when his Inspector identifies Bhavani Shankar by his real identity is he freed.By now,a harried Bhavani has developed hatred for twin as well.On coming home,he finds that Urmila & Lucky are married.He refuses to give them blessings,until Dr.Kedar comes to the scene & explains the whole situation.Now, Bhavani becomes even more furious,but on everybody's insistence,relents.The film ends with a family photo of Mrs.Srivastav,Ratna, Urmila,Ram,Dr.Kedar,Bhavani's sister Kalindi (Shubha Khote)& Bhavani.
Trivia of the comedy movie Golmaal:-

According to author and eminent film historian Rajesh Subramanian,Hrishikesh Mukherjee had first selected Rekha to enact the heroine's part but felt that he would be wasting a talented actress in film where the hero was the mainstay.He placed her with Bindya Goswami.The very next year he made Khubsoorat,with Rekha in a pivotal role.It was bagged Filmfare Best Actor Award(Amol Palekar),Filmfare Best Comedian Award(Utpal Dutta),Filmfare Best Lyricist Award(Gulzar)for the song'Aanewala Pal',Filmfare Nomination for Best Director (Hrishikesh Mukherjee),Filmfare Nomination for Best Supporting Actor(Utpal Dutta),Filmfare Nomination for Best Supporting Actress(Dina Pathak).Filmfare Nomination for Best Actor in a Comic Role(Deven Verma),Filmfare Nomination for Best Story(Sailesh Dey).
Photo & Data credit:-Wikipedia

29 May 2012

Evergreen Heart Touching Track Tum Muje Bhula Naa Payoge From Pagla Kahin Ka

Evergreen Heart Touching Track Tum Muje Bhula Naa Payoge From Pagla Kahin Ka.This Heart touching Bollywood Evergreen track is taken from the movie Pagla Kahin Ka The movie was directed by Shakti Samanta,Written by Ranjan Bose,Dialogue written by Ramesh Pant and music composed by Shankar Jaikishan.The movie was acted by Shammi Kapoor,Asha Parekh,Prem Chopra ,Helen,Manmohan Krishna and others.

The beautiful,evergreen heart touching song of yesteryear was sung by Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar but separately as male and female version.Female Version by Lata Mangeshkar

Story of the movie Pagla Kahin Ka:-
Sujit started having mental problems when he was six years after visiting his dad,Ajit,at a mental asylum.Thereafter he kept on getting into trouble,and even ran away from the orphanage.Years later a Musician and Singer, Shyam,found Sujit singing on the roadside,and decided to hire him as a singer in a nightclub. This is where Sujit meets dancer,Jenny,and both fall in love with each other.When they announce their plans to get married,the news does not auger well with the nightclub's owner,Max,an argument ensues,Max draws a gun,and Shyam ends up killing Max.Sujit decides to take the blame, is arrested by the police,he feigns insanity, and is ordered to be admitted in a mental asylum until he recovers.In the asylum he is placed under the compassionate care of Dr. Shalini and about one year later is discharged. He returns to the nightclub just in time to for Jenny's and Shyam's engagement party.Baffled, confused,and angered at this betrayal,he really does go insane and ends up being re-admitted in the very same asylum.But this time his chances of recovery are very slim as he has retreated deep into the inner recesses of his mind,from where he may never return.
Even though Helen does her usual cabaret dance number in this film,it still contains one of her most dramatic roles,as she plays a rape victim.[source: wikipedia,IMDB] Male Version by Mohd Rafi

Backstage of the movie Pagla Kahin Ka:-
The film wasn't a box office hit.Leading lady Asha Parekh said audiences didn't want to see Shammi Kapoor play a madman.Nevertheless,the film remains one of her personal favorites, calling it a beautiful film.Director Shakti Samanta liked Asha Parekh's performance so much as he was taken her in his more than 8 upcoming movies.

24 May 2012

Evergreen Best Love Duet of Mohd Rofi & Lata Mangeshkar As In Baharon Mein Akele Na from Mamta

Evergreen Best Love Duet of Mohd Rofi & Lata Mangeshkar As In Baharon Mein Akele Na from Mamta.

In Baharon Mein Akele Na was taken from Mamta which was the one time box office hit movie of Darmendra & Suchitra sen.The movie Mamta was directed by Asit Sen,Story written by Nihar Ranjan Gupta,Music composed by Roshan and Produced by N.T studio.The movie was acted by Dharmendra(Barrister Indraneel),Suchitra Sen (Devyani),Ashok Kumar(Manish Roy),Bipin Gupta (Kantilal),David Abraham(Doctor Abraham),Asit Sen(Mahadev Prasad),Pahadi Sanyal(Prosecuting Lawyer),Pratima Devi(Mother Mary)and others.
The story of the movie Mamta:-
Monish Rai comes from a wealthy family,and is in love with Deviyani,who is poor.Monish has to travel abroad to further his education in law, but promises to stay in touch with Deviyani. After his departure,financial problems surround Deviyani and her dad.She approaches Monish's mom for assistance,but is refused.In the top desperation,her father gets her married to a much older man,who is also alcoholic and frequents courtesans.Deviyani gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl, Suparna.Unhappy with her marriage and her circumstances,she runs away.She approaches a nun,Mother Mary,in a monastery and leaves Suparna in her care and disappears forever.When Monish returns he runs into Deviyani,but is told that the person he has seen is a Lucknow based prostitute, Pannabai.Monish recurs her and ........ [source:wikipediaIMDB
The movie Mamta is one of the best of Asit Sen directed a classic.Despite having a story which often gets unjustified scripts,here it works. Every scene in this film is powerful and moving .Mamta is beautifully directed and shot, superbly acted,and is visually pleasing.This is such an extraordinary and heart-breaking film that no words can be good enough to describe it.This is the story of a poor girl who loves a man but circumstances force her to get married to a real monster.The entire concept of a woman who would do anything for the sake of her daughter,including murder,and even separate from her,might look overly heroic and done-to-death on paper,but in the film it's thoroughly real and believable.Friends you can always enjoy the movie with the heat touching songs of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi which one of the greatest play back pairs in Indian music and the Bollywood movie world.

Evergreen Rajasthani DJ Le Nach Mari Bindani Bhandhara Mein From Murga Halal Hua By DJ BAJE

Evergreen Rajasthani DJ Le Nach Mari Bindani Bhandhara Mein From Murga Halal Hua By DJ BAJE
The Rajasthani song is taken from Music album Murga Halal Hua,Music arranged by Raju Mewadi, Sweet voices are given by the Singers Mangal Singh,Nilu Rangili and Lyrics composed by Hemraj Saini.The album is produced by Shri Krishna Cassettes,Jaipur,Rajasthan,India.

Background of this DJ song:-
Le Nach Mari Bindani Bhandhara Mein is written for criticizes Baba Ramdevji Maharaj.

The song is started with as Babaramdev kotha bhajan but there is no such bhajan or sloks in the song.This song is also indicated the avatari baba nature of self styled baba in Indian community and their activities.The acting of Ramdevra and Nilu Rangili are excellent in the Rajasthani entertainment industry.

23 May 2012

Top 10 Evergreen Female Singers Of The Bollywood & All Time Hits Songs

It quite impossible make a list of evergreen female singers of the great ocean of the Bollywood music world.But I have tried my best to make the list.

At least I can say that top 3 of the list may be error less.Here my collection of Top 10 Evergreen Female Singers Of The Bollywood & All Time Hits Songs.
1.Lata Mangeshkar:-
Rahen Na Rahen Hum Mehka Karenge-Mamta

2.Asha Bhosle:-
Yahan Kaun Hai-Chalaak

Hamari Sanson Mein Aaj Tak Woh(Ghazal)

4. Anuradha Paudwal:-
Jab Se Tumhe meine dekha sanam(Dahek )

5. Sadhana Sargam:-
Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye(Jurm) 

6. Alka Yagnik:-
Ghunghat Ki Aad Sey Dilbar ka(Hum hain rahi yar ke) 

7. Kavita Krishnamurthy:-
Main Khwabon ki Shehzaadi Main Hoon Har Dil Pe Chaayee(Mr.India) 

8. Geeta Dutt:-
Kaali Ghata Chaya Mora Jiya Tarsaye(Sujata) 

9. Shamshad Begum:-
Teri Mehfil Mein Kismat Aajma Kar Hum Bhi Dekhenge(Mughal-E-Azam) 

10. Shreya Ghoshal:-
Agar Tum Mil Jao(Zeher)

Every one singer has own personalities and singing capabilities via which has established own self as a singer.So i have the full honor and respect towards then who are not included in this list such as Chitra singh, Hemlata, Sunidhi chouhan,Ila Arun,Alisha chenoy and many more.All are great in their own voices. 

19 May 2012

Top Best Love Duet Of Salman Khan & Mahima Choudhury in Kuch To Hone Laga From Baghban

Top Best Love Duet Of Salman Khan & Mahima Choudhury in Kuch To Hone Laga From Baghban. Baghban was released in 2003 and the Bollywood drama film directed by Ravi Chopra.
Baghban is a eyes captured movie as it is featured veterans like Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini in lead roles.Aman Verma,Samir Soni,Saahil Chadha and Nasir Kazi were portrayed their four sons.Salman Khan,Mahima Chaudhry,Paresh Rawal,Rimi Sen and Lilette Dubey are featured in supporting roles.The movie was written by B.R.Chopra,lyrics composed by Sameer,Hasan Kamaal and beautiful music directed by Aadesh Shrivastav and Uttam Singh. The play back sweet voices were given by Alka Yagnik,Udit Narayan,Hema Sardesai,Aadesh Shrivastav,Richa Sharma,Sudesh Bhosle and Amitabh Bachchan  
Story of Baghban:-
An elderly couple wish their children to care for them in their old age.But their children see and treat them as a burden,and they must struggle to regain their worth and dignity to themselves and others.Raj Malhotra and wife Pooja have four sons.The sons have settled down professionally and are quite independent. However,when Raj Malhotra retires,none of his children want to be burdened with the responsibility of taking care of their parents. Strangely,it is the adopted son who proves to be the most kind hearted of them all.Salman's girlfriend eventually marries him.The question is,will Raj and Pooja's sons learn the folly of their ways and turn over a new lives.Raj stays with Pooja in their home,near Alok and Arpita, and enjoy the company of their grandchildren, Rahul and Payal,while disowning their sons and daughter-in-laws.
Special factors of Baghban:-
B.R.Chopra initially wanted to remake this movie in Hindi thirty years ago.He wanted Dilip Kumar and Raakhee to play the lead roles. Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini were paired opposite each other after 20 years since they last worked together in Nastik in 1983.Great Amitabh Bachchan sung four songs himself.

18 May 2012

Most Viewing Top 20 Bollywood Songs of The Year 2012

We are normally select the evergreen Bollywood Hindi songs either from movies or albums.But our a lots of fans are asking to collect some thing new songs from Bollywood.
So Today I am trying to list the Most Viewing Top 20 Bollywood Songs of The Year 2012.You may not be agree with our Top Hindi Songs list but they are really enjoyable.See all the songs here as ALL IN ONE PACK Bellow.(video length:-1 hour 50 seconds).

1.Tere nal love ho gaya:-Main Wari Jaavan
2.Teri Kasam:-Teez
3.Chikni Chameli:-Agneepath
4.Teri Yaadon Se:-Blood Money
18.Kaun kenda:-Bitto Boss
19.Voh dekhanay mein:-L.P.N
20.Anarkali Disco chali:-Housefull-2

Friends if agree or disagree but don't hesitate to leave a few lines for us to better selection and entertainment from evergreen songs world of the Bollywood movies

17 May 2012

Tauba ye matwali chal by Mumtaz & Manoj Kumar in Patthar ke Sanam

Tauba ye matwali chal by Mumtaz & Manoj Kumar in Patthar ke Sanam carries the evergreen voices of Mukesh. 

The one of the evergreen classic movie Patthar ke Sanam was released in 1967.The movie was produced by A.A Nadiadwala and directed by Raja Nawathe.The music composed by the legendary Laxmikant Pyarelal and veteran lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri.It was acted by Manoj Kumar,Waheeda Rehman,Mumtaz,Pran,Mehmood,Lalita Pawar,Aruna Irani and others.
Story of Patthar ke Sanam:-

Beautiful Meena lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widowed dad,Thakur,in a small town in India.When her dad hires a new Manager,Rajesh, she and her friend,Taruna,decide to tease him and make him believe that both are in love with him. He finds out and pretends that he has fallen in love with both.As a result both women end up falling in love with him with the Thakur ready to permit Meena to wed with him.Acrimony sets in between Meena and Taruna when Meena makes it clear that she wants Rajesh for herself as well as reminds her that her marriage has been finalized with their Contractor,Lala Bhagatram,when Taruna was a child.Then Rajesh is assaulted by some men and his mother,Shanti,attends to look after him.It is her presence that will not only unleash a dark secret from their past,which included a murder,but also lead to another homicide.

15 May 2012

One of best classical dance on Tere Khayalon Mein Hum by Rajshree Shantaram

One of best classical dance on Tere Khayalon Mein Hum by Rajshree Shantaram.
"Tere Khayalon Mein Hum" the song was taken from the movie"Geet Gaya Pattharon Ne" which was released in 1964.The song sung by evergreen voices of Asha Bhosle.The Lyrics written by Hasrat Jaipuri and Music composed by Ramlal. Most interesting thing of the movie is that it was the  debut film of yesteryear Stars Rajshree Shantaram and Jeetendra.Others actors are  Chapman,C H Atma,Babloo,Nana Palsikar.the movie was Produced & Directed by Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram.
A tribute to  Rajshree Shantaram:-
Rajshree Shantaram is the daughter of noted V. Shantaram,who passed away in October 1990.She is the daughter of actress,Jayashree,who passed away recently on October,19,2004.Jayashree was the second wife of V.Shantaram.She was launched by her father along with Jeetendra in the film Geet Gaya Patharon Ne.She also starred in popular hits such as Bhramachari and Jaanwar with Shammi Kapoor and Shehnai with Biswajeet. Rajshree's brother,Kiran Shantaram,was the former Sheriff of Bombay,Maharashtra,India. Rajshree is still well-known all over India,and now all over the world,mainly due to her classic beauty,her dancing,and acting capabilities.Rajshree married an American,Greg Chapman,and moved to Los Angeles(LA,California in 1968).[source:wikipedia]

13 May 2012

One of the best melody of the Bollywood as Woh Kehte Hain Humse Abhi Umar nahi hai Pyaar ki acted by Govida & Kimi Katkar

One of the best melody of the Bollywood as Woh Kehte Hain Humse Abhi Umar nahi hai Pyaar ki acted by Govida & Kimi Katkar from Dariya Dil.The song composed by Rajesh Roshan,written by Indivar,Voices of Nitin Mukesh and Sadhana Sargam.

The movie was released on 8th January 1988 and directed by K.Ravi Shankar.It was acted by Govinda(Ahuza),Kimi Katkar,Gulshan Grover, Asrani,Roshni and others.
Sotory of the movie Dariya Dil:-
Chided by his family for being the absolute miser,wealthy industrialist Dhaniram-Kader Khan loves his money as a mother loves a child.This does not auger well with his two sons,Ajay and Vijay-Shashi Kiran and Raj Kiran respectively. The two sons despise their father and find various ways to entrap him,but in vain.Dhaniram gets in the bad books of Income Tax Officer, D.O.Gogi-Shakti Kapoor,and as a result Gogi is arrested and imprisoned.His sister,Dolly -Roshini and brother,Gulu-Gulshan Grover both scheme a devious plot that will ensure the death of Dhaniram,and the control of his wealth will rest with them and Gogi.
Dariya Dil movie Review:-
There have been many Family Movies in Bollywood .Dariya Dil is one of the Best Family Drama's around.Its a simple story of a father who has a special bond for giving charity to the poor gets miss treated two of his sons.Govinda plays the Good son who respects his father.The other 2 sons are lazy and ill mannered.They treat their parents in a bizarre way and eventually kick them out of the house.Govinda does a good job in the role.Kimi Katkar is one of Bollywood's most annoying actresses,you will know why if you see her films.It is Kader Khan who delivers a powerhouse performance as the struggling father.Dariya Dil is a good family movie.

12 May 2012


The movie Mera Suhaag was released in 1987(there is another Mera Suhaag which was released 1961).The movie was directed by Ajay Sharma and Starting with Rati Agnihotri,Pankaj Dheer,Tanuja and Deepti Naval.Music composed by Ravi with the sweet voices of Lata Mangeskar.

This is one of the best evergreen sad song The Bollywood ever composed.As it is mention that Rati Agnihotri has acted in her best in this movie for sad scenes.

One of the Top Evergreen Melody of Poonam Dhilon & Kumar Gaurav in Maang Lunga Mein Tujhe Taqdeer Se

One of the Top Evergreen Melody of Poonam Dhilon & Kumar Gaurav in Maang Lunga Mein Tujhe Taqdeer Se by Amit Kumar and Asha Bhosle in the movie Romance 1983 and music composed by Rahul Dev Burman.The movie was started by Kumar Gaurav,Poonam Dhillon and Shammi Kapoor and the movie directed by Ramanad Sagar.
Story of the movie Romance:-

British based Mr.and Mrs.Roy are thrilled when their son announces that he is going to marry a Caucasian woman.Soon they are blessed when a daughter,Sonia,is born.Tragically,their son passes away,leaving them heartbroken.
Sonia grows up under her mother's strict control and guidance,and the love of her grandparents,who encourage her to visit India,which she does.When she returns,she announces that she has met her soul-mate in Amar,who she is going to invite to Britain, where they will marry.Her mother does not approve of this,as she wants Sonia to get married to a Caucasian male of her choice,and will not permit any interference from her in-laws,who are asked to leave her house.In the meantime Amar's passport and money are stolen.He manages to board a ship bound for Britain,where he is subsequently apprehended, arrested and turned over for prosecution and possible deportation as an illegal immigrant.It looks like Sonia's mom have have her way with her daughter after all.

10 May 2012

Best Evergreen Emotional Songs of Mohammed Rafi in his mid career 1950 to 1960

Best Evergreen Emotional Songs of Mohammed Rafi in his mid career 1950 to 1960.
1.Chal Ud Jare Panchhi:-Bhabhi-1957
2.Hum Laye Hain Kashti Toofan Se Nikalke:-Jagriti-1954
3.Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye To:-Pyaasa-
4.Teri Duniya Se Door:-Zabak-1961
5.Aawaz Deke Humen Tum Bulao:-Professor-1962
6.Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari:-Kaagaz Ke Phool-1959

Friends Enjoy the songs ALL IN ONE HERE
collection mohammed rafi,mohammed mohd rafi emotional songs,sad best of mohammed rafi,sad songs,old classic bhabhi,jagriti,pyaasa,zabak, professor,kaagaz ke phool

08 May 2012

Dil Ki Adalat Pyar Ka Muqadama Dekho Wakil Baboo Ban Gaye Balma by MUHAMMAD AZIZ & SADHNA SARGAM

Dil Ki Adalat Pyar Ka Muqadama Dekho Wakil Baboo Ban Gaye Balma by MUHAMMAD AZIZ & SADHNA SARGAM.
Dil Ki Adalat Pyar Ka Muqadama Dekho Wakil Baboo Ban Gaye Balma was taken from the movie Kabzaa which was directed by MAHESH BHATT.Music composed by great RAJESH ROSHAN.The movie was starting with SANJAY DUTTA,RAJ BABBAR,PARESH RAWAL,DIMPLE KAPADIA,AMRITA SINGH,ANOOPAM KHER.

The movie Kabzaa:-
Kabzaa is a 1988 bollywood action/drama film starring Sanjay Dutt,Raj Babbar and Paresh Rawal.This movie is a remake of the 1954 American hit On the Waterfront starring Marlon Brando.Ravi Verma is a careless boy who lives with his elder brother Ranjit Verma (Raj Babbar).Ranjit is a lawyer and works for Veljibhai Soda(Paresh Rawal),who is a criminal. Veljibhai has an order to forcefully acquire a land which belongs to Ustad Ali Mohammed(Alok Nath).Ali Mohammed wants to build up a children's park at that site.Ravi somehow gets into the picture and Veljibhai asks him to go to there and warn Ali Mohammed to leave the land immediately.Ravi is suffering from brain tumor and while throwing things out of Ali Mohammed's house,he falls on the floor.Ali Mohammed takes him to the hospital.When Ravi gains consciousness,he realizes that he had been doing wrong and changes his mind. He realizes his duties and now wants to save Ali Mohammed's land at any cost from Veljibhai. Veljibhai,on realizing this,takes the ownnership to capture the land in his own hands.He gets Ali Mohammed killed in the process.Ali Mohammed has handed over the ownership of land to Ravi in his deed.
Veljibhai asks Ravi to hand over the deed papers in ransom for his brother,Ranjit.Ranjit however tries to get the papers back but is killed by Veljibhai.Now Ravi has everything to go against Veljibhai and not let his plans succeed.But Veljibhai is clever enough to kidnap his love Rita(Amrita Singh).Ravi rescues Rita and kills Veljibhai not before he is shot with four bullets,thus bringing the story up to the point of the film's opening scene.The ambulance arrives and in the hospital,Ravi is saved,along with the removal of his brain tumor.He gets the children's park built in Ali Mohammed's land as per his last wish. [Source:Wikipedia]

02 May 2012

Best Evergreen Sad Song Of Juhi Chawla in Hum Jaisa Kahin Aapko Dilbar Na Milega From Bewaffa Se Waffa

Best Evergreen Sad Song Of Juhi Chawla in Hum Jaisa Kahin Aapko Dilbar Na Milega From Bewaffa Se Waffa.This evergreen voice of Asia is given by our Lataji @ Lata Mangeskar.
Bewaffa Se Waffa is a Hindi movie was released in 1992 which is starring Juhi Chawla,Aruna Irani,Mehmood,Vivek Mushran,Nagma and is directed by Saawan Kumar Tak.Bewaffa Se Waffa is one of the flop movie made by Juhi chawla but this song has created history forever till date.
The movie Producered by Saawan Kumar,Music composed by Usha Khanna and Lyrics written by Harmeet Singh.