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30 December 2011

Sholay The Evergreen Movie Of The Bollywood melody music composed by RD Burman's own voice at Mehbooba Mehbooba

Sholay is one of the top ten evergreen Bollywood Hindi Movie ever made.The Movie Sholay was directed by Ramesh Sippy,Written by Javed Akhtar & Salim Khan (Selim Javed) and Music composed by R.D Burman.It is showed all the adjusting for inflation  about Sholay still remains the top grossing movie in India ever made.A typical Masala movie Sholay has everything to keep the viewer hooked till the end. All characters from this movie have become a part of the Bollywood folklore of any upcoming actor ,actress or any director.
Sholay tells the story of two petty criminals who are hired by an ex-policeman to rid the village from the tyranny of a dacoit. Gabbar Singh, the dacoit played by Amjad Khan is the benchmark for all bad men in Bollywood.

The story of the evergreen Hindi movie Sholay:-
Sholay means fire. In this particular movie, a Police Officer, whom family was killed by a bandit named Gabbar Singh, decides to fight fire with fire and recruits two convicts, Jai and Veeru. He approaches them in jail, puts the proposal in front of them, and they agree to bring in Gabbar Singh alive - for a hefty price. After their discharge from jail, they travel by train to the village where the Police Officer lives - now with only his widowed daughter-in-law. The three band together to fight one of the most elusive and dreaded bandits of all time. The two ex-cons be able to bring Gabbar alive to the Police Officer but Joy was killed before the ending of the drama by the Bandits.
Readers & Viewers review:-
Sholay is one of the greatest film in the history of Bollywood cinema (with one of the longest theatrical runs in Bollywood history), this is the definitive Bollywood action epic movie in the same way that Leone's 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' was the definitive Western.
The film features the acting talents of such Bollywood legends...Amitabh Bachan and Dharmendra and focuses at its heart, a story of friendship, courage and revenge, based loosely around the concepts of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai & The Magnificent Seven.
If you have not watched it, then make it your priority to watch it at least once in your life, as this is definitely one of the movies that every person needs to experience.I like it and has seen 42 times in my life time this movie.

28 December 2011

Most Influential Movie Of Salman Khan Ever Released Is Maine Pyaar Kiya Is Kept Here For Evergreen Lovers View

Maine Pyaar Kiya is one of the best movie of Salman Khan alias Sallu Bhai ever released.The movie is directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya,written by S.M. Ahale and music composed by Raamlaxman and A simple love story told in a sweet and uncomplicated manner.
The story of the movie Maine Pyar Kiya :-
Kishen Kumar Chaudhary and Karan are family like friends, when Kishen's wife Mrs. Kaushalya gives birth to a baby boy Prem, Karan helps the couple bring up there child with out- most care. Years later the two friends have parted ways, Karan likes in a shanty house, works as a mechanic and is the father to a young girl Suman while Kishen is a wealthy industrialist and lives in a spacious bungalow. In order to accumulate huge sums of fund abroad for good living Karan decides to leave Suman in the care of the Chaudhary's family. All is well there for Suman as she is befriend by Prem which eventually blossom to love, Kaushalya finds out about Prem and Suman's relationship and approve of Suman as her daughter-in-law but Kishen is quite unhappy with the relationship as he have plans to get Prem marry to his business partner's daughter Seema thus he insults Suman and throw her out of his house.Lastly the love pair has get together with their families.SEE OR DOWNLOAD THE FULL MOVIE MAINE PYAR KIYA  HERE

Readers /Viewers comments:-
Aside from the magical pairing of the lead hero-heroine, what people to this day remember most about MPK is its melodious music-which is stupendous and the Lata-Subramaniam combo as usual is in fine form. The regular family characters which we've seen numerous times by now in other flicks also provide fine support.....but the biggest reason Y MPK works is still the chemistry between newcomers Salman Khan and Bhagyashree. Young, sweet and energetic, they are just dynamite on screen together. Sooraj does a fabulous job of portraying classic "puppy love". You'll have no problem falling in love with these two and will root for 'em till the end. This was Salman's beginning to stardom, and the physical difference between today's SK and back then is huge....and believe me, u'll like this version. He was more of an actor here in MPK, and less of the male-slut we see today.
Any one from Bollywood till likes the love movie so it becomes one of the top ten evergreen movie of the Bollywood .Friends if you agree with me surely comment on it as your thinking.

26 December 2011

Sandesha Aate Hai From The Highest Grossing Bollywood War Movie Bordar-1997

Border is one of the best war movie is made in the Bollywood which is written and directed by J.P. Dutta.Music composed by Anu Malik and Lyrics arranged by Javed Akhtar. The movie Border was produced by J.P. Films and it was released in 1997 and has become one of blockbuster of the Bollywood.
The Movie is an attempt to bring into limelight the Historic Battle of Longewala located in Rajasthan. The Pakistan Army opens Western Front against India to force away Indian effort to liberate Bangladesh from tyrant Pakistani rule.The Pakistani Army assuming that Indian Forces have only limited presence on Western Border attacks through Rajasthan in Longewala. The movie depicts true event and is not a piece of fiction as far as Battle is concerned.The year is 1971 when the Pakistani Army is at war with the Indian Soldiers. The Indian battalion is posted in Longewala region in Punjab and are just 150 in number while the Pakistani Army consists of 2000 armed soldiers with tanks. This movie is a landmark in Hindi Cinema and watch how the drama unfolds and the Indian soldiers fight for the pride of their motherland. 

Commendable performances from Jackie Shroff, Sudesh Berry, Sunil Shetty and Sunny Deol and excellent acting by Akshay Khanna. he characters have been carefully chosen and developed beautifully in the movie. The Battle appears almost real with men at their respective positions as in actual battle. The intensity is high and so is the depiction of morale. The Indian Air Force striking the Pakistanis in the morning was clearly seen although there was a little more role that IAF played in actual battle. The dramatic scenes are good enough to make you shed a tear for the unsung heros.This movie has created history by the patriotic heart touching love song  Sandesha aate hai....
Trivia & Dedication:-J. P. Dutta's brother was an Indian Air Force pilot who died in a Mig crash in 1987, the film is dedicated to him. While making the film, Dutta referred to diaries he had written at the time about his brother's experiences.

23 December 2011

Most Viewed Evergreen Gospel & Testimony of Indian Film Actress Nagma On Lord Jesus Christ

Nandita Morarji who is known as actress Nagma in Indian Film industry has got saved and testifying Lord Jesus Christ.
Nagma was born 25th Decemberl 1970 who ruled the roost in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films from 1993 to 1997, revealed about the transformation in her life while speaking at a prayer meeting for film artistes organised in Chennai by Jesus Redeems ministries founder Bro. Mohan C Lazarus.

At the meeting, Nagma has said to have told the gathering that she is ready to preach the Gospel in every city and town that the Lord takes her to. According to reports, the actress shared her testimony and wowed the audience with her knowledge of the Bible at the meeting. Nagma told the gathering that Jesus Christ was the only super star in her life. Earlier, she made a reference to her acting career where she had paired as the leading lady with several actors in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Bhojpuri films.
The actress, who dabbled in politics briefly, said a copy of the Bible that she got when she was depressed and contemplating suicide saved her from killing herself. All her problems, she said, started fading away one by one after she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal saviour.
On 28th of June she attended the Thirappin Vasal Jebam conducted by Bro.Mohan C. Lazarus in Nalumavadi, a small village in Tamilnadu.Thousands of people gathered in that meeting to listen to the word of God. She led the people in worship and delivered the word of God with authority sharing her personal experience with God. People were blessed with her ministry there and testified.

22 December 2011

Bollywood Badsash Shahrukh Khan Has Proved That Sports Can Be A movie plot by His Chak de India

Chak de India is The best sports movie ever made in Bollywood.The movie is Directed by Shimit Amin, Writen by Jaideep Sahni ,Music by Salim Merchant & Suleiman Merchant and acted by Shah Rukh Khan, Vidya Malvade ,Tanya Abrol etc.The movie produced by Yash Raj Films International Ltd and released on 10 August 2007.
The story of the movie Chak de India:-
Kabir Khan lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his widowed mom in Delhi, India, and is the Captain of the Indian men's hockey team. He fails to score at the last tournament resulting in Pakistan winning the World Cup amidst allegations that he was more inclined toward his opponents due to his religion. Kabir and his mom move away and virtually disappear for seven years. Thereafter Kabir surfaces to be a Coach for the women's hockey team, consisting of 16 players from all over India, some of who do not communicate well. Kabir's disciplinarian style ends up offending the players, lead by the militant Bindia Naik, who decide not to participate unless he resigns amidst allegations that he is having an affair with soon to-be married Vidya Sharma, who he appoints as the new Captain. Things change after a brawl with eve-teasers at the local McDonald's [resource:IMDB]
Readers /Viewers conclusions:-
The story is really simple and there are not really very many surprises in the plot but you really don't care. ShahRukh Khan shows again how much he can entertain given a chance and the director gives him the space to do so. The girls who make up the team he is coaching are really delightful and the time spent developing their stories was time well spent. The director could have eased of a little bit on patriotism where it was not directly relevant, but it doesn't really mar the whole experience.
Over all CHAK DE INDIA one of the top ten evergreen movie of the Bollywood.

20 December 2011

Gosto Gopal Das Is One Of Great Saint Of Bengal_Boli o nanadi_Bengali Baul Folk Song

Uncrowned Emperor of Baul Song of Undivided Bengal(East & West) is Gosto Gopal Das till date was born on 8th January,1948 in Hoogly District in West Bengal, India. (unconfirmed reliable source) .He was a famous folk singer of Bengal folk songs known as Palli Geeti, which was enrished by Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Jaar, Murshidi. The palli geeti are sung in specially in Delta of the Ganges in both East and West Bengal.His songs covered all over the world where Bengali speaking or understanding people lives.He had got a lots of filmy songs offer but never accepted those .
Gosto Gopal Das' major works are Guru Na Bhoji Mui" which murmured along all villages of East and West Bengal. He created waves in palli geeti in history in bengali folk singing arena by "Chader Gae Chand Legeche,Boli o nonodi and many more.Here is one his evergreen folk song " Poran Bondure Bhalo baisa.."

He was died on December 4, 1986 as he left his son Gost Gokul Das who is also a Bengali Folk Singer.

1.Gosto Gopal Das original songs download Here
2.Gosto Gopal Das Remix songs download Here