13 August 2012

Evergreen Punjabi love Song By Gurudas Maan as Tu Bhi Reh Gaya Adhoora mein bhi rahegayee adhoori

Evergreen Punjabi love Song By Gurudas Maan as Tu Bhi Reh Gaya Adhoora mein bhi rahegayee adhoori.This evergreen sad song is one of the best Punjabi love song ever made.The specialty of the song is that it is mixed with Hindi words and Punjabi words and any one can understand who knows Hindi.More Interesting thing of this song is that writer,singer,music composer and actor Gurudas Man own self, shortly as bellow -[Close your eyes before listen this song]

Song:- Ki Khateya Teri Heer Banke
Title:- Heer
Singer:- Gurdas Maan
Music:- Gurdas Maan
Author:- Gurdas Maan
Artist:- Gurdas Maan
Music Label:- T-Series

Review of listeners and viewers:-

Who never fall in love or what else , please don't miss the song where it says "You have been left incomplete... so i am,you must be doing this against you will... so i am." If someone has felt the same pain...... this song will make you cry.... listen .carefully n keep your eyes closed.

Short Biography of Gurudas Maan:-

Gurdas Maan is a Punjabi singer, songwriter, choreographer, and actor was born 4 January,1957 in in Giddarbaha village of Punjab,India.He is one of the most notable and respected figures in the world of Punjabi music around the globe.His song were recorded over 34 albums and has written over 300 songs.His album Apna Punjab won Best Album at the 1998 Asian Pop and Media Awards held in Birmingham. Maan won Best Song for the title track and Best International Artist the same year. In addition to these awards, Maan more recently won three music awards of Best Lyrics (Kudiye)Best Song (Heer), as well as Best Singer of the Year at the ETC Channel Punjabi Music Awards on 6 March 2005.(Ravinder). When Maan began his career as a solo performer in India, the music industry was dominated by duet artists and he reportedly declined many offers to become part of a duet as he wished to perform and become a successful solo artist. The film that Gurdas Mann starred in "Mamla Garbar Hai" was directed by Hari Dutt.Maan is married to Manjeet and has one son Gurikk and he was started his professional life as a Employee of Punjab State Electricity Board.

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