02 March 2012

Hum Tumhare Liye Sung by Lata Megeshkar & Mohammed Rafi Acted By Sadhana - Sanjay Khan from Intaquam

Hum Tumhare Liye Sung by Lata Megeshkar & Mohammed Rafi Acted By Sadhana & Sanjay Khan from Intaquam which was released in 1969.The movie was written by Dhruva Chatterjee and Marie Corelli and directed by R.K.Nayyar. Intaquam was started by Ashok Kumar,Sadhana, Sanjay Khan,Helen and others.All time hit songs(lyrics)are written by Sahir Ludhiyanvi and sung by All time evergreen voices of Lata Mangeskar and Mohammad Rafi.The movie had some fantastic music courtesy arranged by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Sotry of the movie Intaquam(1969):-
Humiliated and falsely imprisoned,Reeta Mehra (Sadhana)swears to take revenge against Sohanlal(Rehman).Upon her release she finds out that her ailing mother(Leela Chitnis)has passed away,and this adds fuel to her vengeance. She then meets with Heeralal(Ashok Kumar),who was a former business partner of Heeralal,who went to jail to save him,and as a result had to serve a lengthy jail sentence.Upon his release,he finds out that Heeralal had not kept his promise to look after his wife and child.Heeralal coaches Reeta on how to go about their vengeance - their target is the only son of Sohanlal - Rajpal(Sanjay Khan),make him fall in love with Reeta,get them married and then extract vengeance from Sohanlal.But fate has something else planned for this group of people.Lastly the movie has taken it's path the truth as normal Bollywood movie takes.
Readers Viewers Review of Intaquam:-
The movie marked Sadhana's comeback after a brief period of illness during which she lost movies like Sangharsh and Around the World. Here she plays a working girl Rita,who is falsely implicated by her employer Sohanlal (Rehman)on theft charges.During her year long imprisonment,her mother dies of starvation and she in turn swears revenge(Hence the title).She saves a smuggler,Ashok Kumar from jail and both get rich by selling the diamonds which he was to smuggle.They set up a casino and Rita works towards ensnaring the young Rajpal(a very stiff Sanjay Khan),Sohanlal's son.They get married against his father's wishes and Rita starts showing her true colors at all.Towards the end, Sohanlal realizes his folly and apologizes to Rita.There is also one of the most erotic cabaret number ever picturised on the lovely Helen.


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