04 October 2010

Bollywoodevergreen Love Songs Of Anil Kapoor In APKE SATH With Smita Patil Chand Chupta Hai

Anil Kapoor acted in APKE SATH was realesd in 4th March 1986.The movie Directed & produced by J. Om Prakash.Other starter were Vinod Mehra,Smita Patil, Rati Agnihotri, Amrish Puri etc .Music arranged by Laxmikant Pyarelal

In movie APKE SATH, Ashok and Vimal are two grandsons of K.k. Vimal is womanizer. Ashok and Ganga are in love but when Ashok was about to propose Ganga for marriage, he finds that Ganga has complained against him in police station for sexual molestation. Ashok pays some money to Ganga and hope never to see her. K K bring home a girl named Deepa as K K want Deepa and Ashok to marry. But Deepa falls in love with Vimal. Vimal frequently visit a courtesan. When Ashok goes to courtesan to bring home Vimal, Ashok finds that courtesan is none other than Ganga.
Vimal is a boozing womanizer, and slacker. Ashok meets with Ganga and both fall in love with each other. When the time comes for Ashok to propose to Ganga, he finds out that she has complained against him at the Police Station alleging sexual molestation. Ashok pays her some money and hopes never to see her again. K.K. brings home a young woman named Deepa from the Home For the Aged, who he would like to get married to Ashok. However, Deepa and Vimal fall in love with each other. But not for long, as soon Vimal goes back to his old ways, so much so that he starts frequenting a Courtesan. When Ashok goes to bring Vimal home, he finds out that the Courtesan is none other than Ganga herself. Ashok must now deal with Ganga so that he can free Vimal from her clutches and bring him home, but the question remains will Ganga let go of Vimal that easily ? The is trying to give the reply.
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