19 November 2012

Orey shampanwoala and Indian subcontinental entertainment Industry

Indian subcontinental film industry was started from undivided Bengal .There are two Bengali film industries are found ,now this days. One is based in Kolkata,West Bengal, India or called Tollywood and another one of the many centers Dhaka, Bangladesh or called Dhallywood in the mainstream national film industry of Bangladesh.
Orey shampanwoala and Indian subcontinental entertainment Industry
We are going to give an account of Begali film industry with a tribute to Sefali Ghosh by her all time popular song Orey shampanwoala and Indian subcontinental entertainment Industry.

A tribute to legend Sefali Ghosh by orey shampanwoala :-

Today I am going to recall my childhood when a song was more and more popular from both side of border either in India or Bangladesh. The memory re calls the movie is Monihar which is directed by Mostofa Mehmood and released in 1978.The full story of the movie till waves my mind .Specially the song sung by Late Sefali Ghosh " Orey shampanwoala tui amare korli diwana " .The acting of the two Bengali legend Alamgir and Shabana.Friends I think , you can enjoy the song orey shampanwoala ......It is a folk song originated from Chitagang area of Chattogram in Bangladesh.

History of Bengali movie industry and folk song :-

It was credited as India's first directors to Hiralal Sen of Bengal who created silent feature films. Hiralal Sen advertisement films in India, is credited as one of the pioneers.The first Bengali-language movie was the silent feature Billwamangal which was produced by the Madan Theatre Company of Calcutta and released on 8 November 1919, that was only six years after the first full-length Indian feature film,Raja Harish Chandra.

The contribution of Bengali film industry to Indian film is quite significant from past to till date.In the past, it was a big, even enjoyed disproportionate representation in Indian cinema. On the other hand, the Bengali weekly Dhaka in Dhaka by the Bradford Bioscope Company Crown Prakash movie theater, Patuatuli, reported on April 24, 1898 at near Sadarghat shown that . The show included news items and other short features. Dhaka, Picture House, the first permanent cinema in the name started operation during 1913-1914. The New Picture House cinema was renamed and then named Shabistan.By 1947 there were around 80 cinemas in what is now Bangladesh, the majority of the films made in Bangladesh are strictly commercial in nature, a handful of directors from Bangladesh have attained critical acclaim for their outstanding work.One of the first films produced in Bangladesh after independence wasTitash Ekti Nadir Naam (A River Called Titas) in 1973 by acclaimed director Ritwik Ghatak, whose stature in Bengali cinema is comparable to that of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen.

Conclusion of author :-

There is no bondage of political boundary of country in case of culture and songs .There is a boundary of country but feelings of heart remains same both side of boundary which can easily joint the hearts of each other via culture or song. 


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