31 May 2012

The Top Best 5 Evergreen Bollywood tracks sung by The legend S.D.Burman

One of the top legend of Asian Music world is Sachin Dev Burman or Dada Burman,the proud father of another legend Rahul Dev Burman and Father in law of Asha Bhosle.He was not only a music composer but also a classic singer.

Today I am trying to list of The Top Best 5 Evergreen Bollywood tracks sung by The legend S.D.Burman .The songs are given here.You may not be agree with my list but all are the all time hits classic of S.D.Burman.ALL IN ONE HERE

1.Sun mere bandhu re Film-Sujata(1959)
2.Mere sajan hain us paar Film-Bandini(1963)
3.Vahaan kaun hai tera Film-Guide-(1965)
4.Mere duniya hai maa Film-Talash-(1968)
5.Safal hogi tere aradhana Film-Aradhana-(1969)
Tribute to the legend S.D. Burman:-
S.D.Burman,The son of soil,prince of melody was born October 1,1906 as one of the nine children of Prince Komilla of Tripura.His father Nabadwipchandra Dev Burman,was a sitarist and dhrupad singer as well as his first teacher too.Later his training continued with Ustad Badal Khan and Bhishmadev Chattopadhyay,and this classical training gave him a firm rooting for the music that he was to compose later in life.He had explored the forests of Assam and Tripura from where he gained his formidable knowledge and rich repertoire of the folk of that region and Bengal.Later he became a disciple of Ustad Aftabuddin Khan,becoming an ace flautist,He had started his own music school,"Sur Mandir"in Calcutta in the 1930"s.He rose to be a popular singer there.He joined the illustrious K. C. Dey in the Calcutta.He started his musical career in Bengal as a singer of folk and light classical music and also composed music for the radio,which bore prominent traces of East Bengal and north-eastern folk music,music that had inspired him early in life.Dada was disgusted with materialism and the sheer commercial nature of the Mumbai film industry.Volcanic in nature, Dada decided to quit mid"way through Mashaal (1950)and return to Calcutta.Luckily he was persuaded by Dadamoni(Ashok Kumar)to stay on,though Manna Dey completed the assignment and with Burman's"Upar Gagan Vishal"(which established Manna Dey as a singer)from this film,Dada finally arrived.Dada was himself a great singer and has sung many songs in Bengali which were released during the Puja season as well as in Hindi films.Though his singing was limited after he ventured in to composing music full time,his accented voice was used for tunes that required a folk-like rendition.Dada Burman was very choosy in selecting films for scoring music.He never took too many assignments at a time.Likewise,he was very choosy in selecting the singers.It is said that he used to telephone to the singers early in the morning,study their voice indirectly while making conversation and then select.Dada was also very fond of fishing and sports,especially foot ball and tennis.Though he wore only a dhoti and kurta,his creative outlook in music was very modern in the sense that he used to blend Indian classical ragas with Western and make the tune most appealing in melody by his golden touch.He has used the flute very effectively in most of his compositions.His career never flagged till 1974 when he quit signing films from ill health.He is remembered even today,through his great compositions.This great composer attained his heavenly bliss on October 31,1975.

Special Trivia:-
British singer of South Asian heritage,Najma Akhtar,recorded a Shanachie Records CD of Burman's work,"Forbidden Kiss"The Music of S.D. Burman,an album of covers of Burman compositions.The legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was named after the composer by Sachin's grandfather,who was an ardent fan of Burman.


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