29 May 2012

Evergreen Heart Touching Track Tum Muje Bhula Naa Payoge From Pagla Kahin Ka

Evergreen Heart Touching Track Tum Muje Bhula Naa Payoge From Pagla Kahin Ka.This Heart touching Bollywood Evergreen track is taken from the movie Pagla Kahin Ka The movie was directed by Shakti Samanta,Written by Ranjan Bose,Dialogue written by Ramesh Pant and music composed by Shankar Jaikishan.The movie was acted by Shammi Kapoor,Asha Parekh,Prem Chopra ,Helen,Manmohan Krishna and others.

The beautiful,evergreen heart touching song of yesteryear was sung by Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar but separately as male and female version.Female Version by Lata Mangeshkar

Story of the movie Pagla Kahin Ka:-
Sujit started having mental problems when he was six years after visiting his dad,Ajit,at a mental asylum.Thereafter he kept on getting into trouble,and even ran away from the orphanage.Years later a Musician and Singer, Shyam,found Sujit singing on the roadside,and decided to hire him as a singer in a nightclub. This is where Sujit meets dancer,Jenny,and both fall in love with each other.When they announce their plans to get married,the news does not auger well with the nightclub's owner,Max,an argument ensues,Max draws a gun,and Shyam ends up killing Max.Sujit decides to take the blame, is arrested by the police,he feigns insanity, and is ordered to be admitted in a mental asylum until he recovers.In the asylum he is placed under the compassionate care of Dr. Shalini and about one year later is discharged. He returns to the nightclub just in time to for Jenny's and Shyam's engagement party.Baffled, confused,and angered at this betrayal,he really does go insane and ends up being re-admitted in the very same asylum.But this time his chances of recovery are very slim as he has retreated deep into the inner recesses of his mind,from where he may never return.
Even though Helen does her usual cabaret dance number in this film,it still contains one of her most dramatic roles,as she plays a rape victim.[source: wikipedia,IMDB] Male Version by Mohd Rafi

Backstage of the movie Pagla Kahin Ka:-
The film wasn't a box office hit.Leading lady Asha Parekh said audiences didn't want to see Shammi Kapoor play a madman.Nevertheless,the film remains one of her personal favorites, calling it a beautiful film.Director Shakti Samanta liked Asha Parekh's performance so much as he was taken her in his more than 8 upcoming movies.


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