24 May 2012

Evergreen Best Love Duet of Mohd Rofi & Lata Mangeshkar As In Baharon Mein Akele Na from Mamta

Evergreen Best Love Duet of Mohd Rofi & Lata Mangeshkar As In Baharon Mein Akele Na from Mamta.

In Baharon Mein Akele Na was taken from Mamta which was the one time box office hit movie of Darmendra & Suchitra sen.The movie Mamta was directed by Asit Sen,Story written by Nihar Ranjan Gupta,Music composed by Roshan and Produced by N.T studio.The movie was acted by Dharmendra(Barrister Indraneel),Suchitra Sen (Devyani),Ashok Kumar(Manish Roy),Bipin Gupta (Kantilal),David Abraham(Doctor Abraham),Asit Sen(Mahadev Prasad),Pahadi Sanyal(Prosecuting Lawyer),Pratima Devi(Mother Mary)and others.
The story of the movie Mamta:-
Monish Rai comes from a wealthy family,and is in love with Deviyani,who is poor.Monish has to travel abroad to further his education in law, but promises to stay in touch with Deviyani. After his departure,financial problems surround Deviyani and her dad.She approaches Monish's mom for assistance,but is refused.In the top desperation,her father gets her married to a much older man,who is also alcoholic and frequents courtesans.Deviyani gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl, Suparna.Unhappy with her marriage and her circumstances,she runs away.She approaches a nun,Mother Mary,in a monastery and leaves Suparna in her care and disappears forever.When Monish returns he runs into Deviyani,but is told that the person he has seen is a Lucknow based prostitute, Pannabai.Monish recurs her and ........ [source:wikipediaIMDB
The movie Mamta is one of the best of Asit Sen directed a classic.Despite having a story which often gets unjustified scripts,here it works. Every scene in this film is powerful and moving .Mamta is beautifully directed and shot, superbly acted,and is visually pleasing.This is such an extraordinary and heart-breaking film that no words can be good enough to describe it.This is the story of a poor girl who loves a man but circumstances force her to get married to a real monster.The entire concept of a woman who would do anything for the sake of her daughter,including murder,and even separate from her,might look overly heroic and done-to-death on paper,but in the film it's thoroughly real and believable.Friends you can always enjoy the movie with the heat touching songs of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi which one of the greatest play back pairs in Indian music and the Bollywood movie world.


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