20 February 2012

Best Of Evergreen Couple Dream Girl Hema Malini & Dramendra in Jaan kI Kasam Sach Kahte Hai Hum From Azaad

Best Of Evergreen Couple Dream Girl Hema Malini & Dramendra in Jaan kI Kasam Sach Kahte Hai Hum From Azaad.The thriller movie was released in 28th June 1978 which directed by Pramod Chakravorty and Screenplay was written by Sachin Bhowmick,Gulshan Nanda and Ehsan Rizvi. The melodious music composed by Rahul Dev Burman with the voices of Lata Mangeskar and Kishor Kumar.The movie acted by Dramendra,Hema Malini,Prem Chopra,Sulochana Latkar,Keshto Mukherjee,Jankidas etc.

Story of the movie Azaad:-
The movie was started with the story of a eccentric young man, Ashok(Dharmendra)who believes in doing good without worrying about the consequences.This does not find any favor with his sister-in-law Sarla(Sulochana),and she decides to leave him.But he persuades her to come back,and he decides to relocate and not cause any more trouble for Sarla.On his way he has a skirmish with the a princess Rajkumari Seema(Hema Malini)who he teaches a lesson to respect the poor and food grown in the fields. When he arrives in the city,due to his misfortune,he lands a job at a factory run by the Rajkumari,and immediately gets in to the bad books of Prem(Prem Chopra)to whom the Rajkumari is engaged to be married.The Rajkumari also decides to teach him a lesson for the humiliation she suffered at his hands.But things work out differently,and Ashok ends up saving the life of the Rajkumari,and she falls in love with him.This jeopardizes the plans that Rajkumari's uncle(Ajit) has for her and her bethrothed Prem,and a horrifying scheme is concocted to stop the love and possible future relationship of Rajkumari and Ashok.
Readers/viewers review:- 

All age groups will love it and you'd want to watch it over and over.Dharmendra and Hema do an excellant performance (whilst maintaining their passion) and a little appearance from Shammi Kapoor livins up the film abit.The film starts off with a little'Mask Of Zorro'style genre, Dharmendra is dressed in a cape and sets off to save a young girl.Dharmendra is a mischevious lad in this film who is living with his bhabee.His name is Ashok (Azaad) and goes around villages helping others and giving little'freddom speeches'while creating havok. He then comes across a princess(Hema Malini) who has set a farm on fire,Dharmendra beats up the princesses guards which leads to his bhabee leaving.Instead Dharmendra leaves and reaches his bhabee's brother's house where he lives with his sister.He soon realises he's in the region of the princess (Hema) and a little hilarious intro starts his stay off.He finds a job at a beer factory which is owned by Hema, but this is just a plan for her to get her own back,and so she does by making Dharmendra ride a drunken horse(without him knowing),but Dharmendra returns and captures the princess and makes her live like a tramp but being clever Hema chucks him into a well.This movie must see if you love to fall in love "DIL SE".


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