16 January 2012

One Of The Top Ten Evergreen Bollywood Movie Mother India Gives Real Life Of Woman in Duniya Mein Hum Aayein Hain

Mother India one of the Top ten Bollywood Evergreen Hindi movie is made fully based on Indian culture and ground reality of the country.Mother India was directed by Mehboob Khan,Screen play written by Wajahat Mirza and music composed by Naushad .The songs sung by Evergreen voice of Asia Lata Mangeskar with the lyrics of evergreen writer Shakeel Badayuni.The evergreen Bollywood Classic Mother India was released on 14th February 1957 on the banner of Mehboob productions.The acting skills of of Late Sunil Dutta and Nargis Dutta on Top of their Bollywood carrier.Other acting and technical persons had also given their best to make the movie successful and they fully satisfied the viewers and common cine lovers till date.

Main story of the Evergreen Bollywood Movie Mother India:-
A poverty-stricken Indian woman raises her sons through many trials and tribulations. But no matter the struggles,always sticks to her own moral code.The film begins with the finishing of a water canal for the village set in the present.Radha (Nargis,as the mother of the village,is asked to open the canal and remembers back to her past when she was newly married,mirroring the new independence of India.The wedding between Radha and Shamu (Raaj Kumar)was paid for by Radha's mother-in-law,who got a loan from the moneylender Sukhilala. This event starts the spiral of poverty and hardship that Radha endures.The conditions of the loan are disputed,but the village elders decide in favor of the moneylender,after which Shamu and Radha are forced to pay three-quarters of their crop as interest on the loan of 500 rupees. While trying to use more of their land to alleviate their poverty,Shamu's arms are crushed by a boulder.He is shamed by his helplessness and is humiliated by others in the village.Deciding that he is no use to his family.Thus the story is going on .

Readers and viewers review:-

A movie of an epic proportion in the true sense of the word.Easily,one of the greatest films ever made regardless of any cultural, traditional,social,and ethnical background to consider.Made on a large canvas,this movie runs like an epic.This Mehboob Khan's effort came very close to winning the Oscar for the Best Foreign Film.During the shooting of this film Dutt saved Nargis from a fire and soon after that they were married.This great epic is often called the Gone With the Wind of India. It's not an exaggeration.Friends if you don't see the movie then now try a look the evergreen Mother India.


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