25 January 2012

Evergreen Voice Of Kishor Kumar in Ruk Jana Nahi Tu kahin Haar ke From Imtihaan By Binod Khanna & Tanuja

Imtihaan is one of the classic movie in Bollywood ever made on life of a teacher. Imtihaan was directed by Madan Sinha and music composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal using the lyrics of Majrooh Sultaanpuri as Ruk Jaana Nahin,Roz Shaam Aati Thi and Dekho Idhar Bhi Jaan-e-Tamanna are also impressive.

The acting of Binod Khanna and Tanuja are very impressive in Imtihaan.The movie was released in  31st May 1974.The of Evergreen voice Kishor Kumar in  "Ruk Jaana Nahin" is very impressive to all till date. 
Story of the movie Imtihaan:-
Madhu Shastri lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, who is also the Principal of Adarsh Mahavidyalyal.Madhu Shastri lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, who is also the Principal of Adarsh Mahavidyalyal.She is in love with Vijay,a pilot,and both are expected to marry soon.

Unfortunately,Vijay's plane crashes and he passes away.The shock of this news leads to Madhu falling off the stairs,resulting in a permanent damage to her leg.Then one day a new College Professor,Pramod Sharma,enters her life,and both fall in love with each other. He encourages her to follow-up on her hobbies, especially painting,and go out more often,to which she responds positively.Then chaos breaks out into her life again when Pramod is accused by Rita,the daughter of the College Chairman,of sexually molesting her.It looks like Madhu's life is headed for yet another heart-break.
Readers & viewers review:-
Imtihaan (test) is the story of Pramod (Vinod Khanna) who is the son of a rich businessman but leaves his parental house for the sake of his ideals and joins as the lecturer of History in a college.Now the interactions of the idealistic but smart lecturer,Pramod start with the students of various types. While teaching in the college,he falls in love with Madhu (Tanuja)who is the handicapped daughter of the college-principal(Abhi Bhattacharya).However the involvement of a student - Rita (Bindu) with him creates a love-triangle. When Rita comes to know that Pramod loves Madhu, she is burnt like anything with jealousy. And as William Shakespeare has said - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,Rita tries to settle her score with Pramod,seeking the help of the college-bully Rakesh (I don't know which actor has played this role) who is involved in many other unlawful activities in the college and has dragged many other students also in that quagmire of crime.Rita and Rakesh frame Pramod under the charge of molesting Rita. Now it's a test of life for the idealist Pramod who always teaches his students never to lose hope and stand up with courage before the adversities. How Pramod gets through this toughest test (Imtihaan)of life forms the remaining part of the story.Technically the movie is OK.The length is also perfect since there is no boredom at all.The art-director and the cinematographer have been able to create the collegiate environment on the screen.


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