05 January 2012

Anand One Of The Top Ten Bollywood Evergreen Movie by Rajesh Khanna Lips Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli

Anand is one of the top ten evergreen Bollywood movie was made in the Bollywood was released 5th September 1971.The movie Anand was directed & written by Hrishikesh Mukherjee,Screenplay script by Guljar,Bimal Dutta & DN Mukherji.Music composed by Salil Chowdhury and playbacked by Lata Mangeskar,Mukesh.The movie was acted by the super stars like Amitabh Bacchan,Rajesh Khanna ,Sumita sanyal and others.Rajesh Khanna plays the role of Anand Saigal who is a terminally ill patient who is determined to spread laughter and love till his last breath.Great music and wonderful performances.It was Made on a low budget by Hrishikesh Mukherjee on his own risk.The movie Anand doesn't lack in any department when it comes to clean entertainment.
The story of the evergreen Bollywood movie Anand :-
A melodramatic tale of a man with a terminal disease. The story begins with Dr Bhaksar winning a literary prize for his book about a patient called Anand. The rest is flashback. Anand, the title character, is suffering from lymphosarcoma of the intestine. He, however appears to be cheerful on the outside and is determined to extract as much pleasure from his remaining lifespan as is possible. Dr. Bhaskar his physician tends to Anand in his last days. After Anand dies we can however still hear his voice which was recorded on a tape. Dr Bhakser writes a book on his patient and wins a literary prize for it[resorce:IMDB]
Readers & viewers review:-
The movie narrates like the pages of a diary of one Dr. Bhaskar Bannerjee and his relationship with Anand Sehgal who he treated for cancer. Despite of such a heavy theme the movie is high spirited just like Anand Sehgal who likes to laugh in the face of death. Special mention should be made for attention given to each character in the movie. All the characters are well etched and everyone has given a truly inspired performance.
The last sequence must be the most dramatic sequence that I have seen in any movie. Music by Salil Chaudhary and lyrics by Yogesh and Gulzar are adapted and wonderful. Definitely one of the best movies made in India.Any one cine lover can take full entertainment from this movie any time and any where.


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