19 October 2010

Evergreen Bollywood Songs From Rudali_ Dil Hoom Hoom Kare - by Bhupen Hazarika

It has very  few songs of bollywood which can goose bump you body hair. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika does it in Rudali's songs. . It will take you to another world.A perfectly picturised song echoing leftist leanings. Dimple Kapadia, in the finest performance of her career, peels off her ornaments one by one with her husbands funeral pyre in the backdrop symbolising the cruel reality of widowhood turning her social status into ashes. Hazarikas sonorous voice pierces the heart even as the line "unchi tori ataari maine pankh liye katawaae" reflects the eternal class divide between the haves and have not. 'o more chandrama teri chandni ang jalaye' -- o my beloved your love/affection/beauty is in fact hurting me so. The 'chakor (bird) and 'chand' device is used a lot in hindi poetry. So its the 'chakor' speaking to the moon. And the next line 'tori unchi attari maine pankh liye katvaye' speaks of the pain of the unattainable... for the chakor, its the moon, for you and me it could be that one special person or anything, as you say, its eteranl pain of the have not.
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