26 October 2010

Bollywood Evergreen Love Song_Tum Se Bana Mera Jeevan From Khatron Ke Khiladi -1988

Tum Se Bana Mera Jeevan From the movie " Khatron Ke Khiladi" -1988. The plot" Balwant is a honest truck driver, who lives with his younger brother, Jaswant, and wife Sumati. Since his wife is expecting, he asks his Jaswant to drive the truck for him. Jaswant finds out that the truck is delivering smuggled and illicit goods, and refuses to drive it, and the owners of the trucking company and others beat him up, and eventually kill him. Balwant comes just in time to see his brother's assailants, and swears to bring them to justice. However, he himself is held by Inspector Amarnath for the homicide of his brother; his house is burned down by the trucking company owners; his wife is reportedly dead in the fire. Balwant escapes from prison and avenges his brother's death by severely maiming the truck company owners. Balwant continues to avenge the innocent, not through the rules of the corrupt police, lawyers, and an equally corrupt judicial system, but as judge and executioner, and calls himself "Teesri Adalat". All his sentences result in death. Years later, Balwant's wife is still alive, but the trauma has left her speechless; She has given birth to twins, Mahesh and Rajesh. Mahesh was separated from a young age, but Raja lives with her. Mahesh is adopted by Inspector Ram Avtar. Raja has a sweetheart in Kavita, and Mahesh woos Sunita. Balwant and his family's paths cross when Raja steals Kavita's jewelery for his mother's treatment in America; Kavita happens to be the daughter of one of the trucking company owners'; And in order to get his adopted father a promotion, Mahesh decides to seek out Balwant, and put an end to his "Teesri Adalat".

Tum Se Bana Mera Jeevan (Khatron Ke Khiladi 1988) sundar safan salona tum mujhse khafa na hona kabhi mujhse juda na ho na.... is one of the great work of Bharat Ratna Satyajit Roy.Daramendra has acted very attractive in this movie with Sanjay Dutt, Chunky Pandey, Madhuri Dixit. .Another hits of great Mohd. Aziz.


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